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Thursday, January 21, 2010 !@#$% 2:04 AM


Name : 이홍기 / Lee HongKi

DOB: Mar 02rd 1990 (solar calendar), Feb 06th (lunar calendar)

Bloodtype: AB.

Hobby: Singing, Listening to Music, Soccer, Games (Board&internet), Cooking

Family: Parents, younger sister, Hongki

Talents: Singing, Soccer

Nickname: Cute Rebellion/Oppostion

Best Points: Smiling Eyes

Position in band: Lead vocal.

What I like: Besides pimiento I like all!! Whatever!! & I really really like things that make me palpitated.

Motto: Do I know it?

For my future love: "Let's try our best! If I can't do well, please understand & forgive me.


Name: 이재진 / Lee JaeJin

DOB: Dec 17th 1991

Blood: A

Hobby: Surfing the Internet, Asking questions to music teachers & sunbaes

Family: Parents, Older Sister, Jaejin

Talents: Bass, listening to music

Nickname: JahJinnie

Best Points: Lips

Position in band: Bassist

What I like: money ... food ... music

Motto: Do well the works that are for me!

For my future love: "Saranghae"


Name: 최민환 / Choi MinHwan

DOB: Nov 11th 1992

Blood type: A

Hobby: Making Music

Family: Parents, Younger Sibling, Minhwan

Talents: Drum, eating CHICKEN!

Nickname: SahOhJung

Best Points: Cuteness

Position in band: Drummer - backbone of F.T Island!

What I like: Chicken!!

Motto: There's no tomorrow for me!?

For my future love: "My lovely beautiful girlfriend, plz take care of your health. Luv you!"


Name: 최종훈 / Choi JongHun

DOB: Mar, 07th 1990, Seoul

Bloodtype: A

Hobby: Making Music, Internet

Family: Parents, JongHun

Talents: Piano

Nickname: SexyJonghun

Best Points: Nose

Position in band: Leader!

What I like: Food & music

Motto: Think & always do something (or move forward) *I'm not sure at all, sorry!

For my future love: "I'll buy something for you, may I? What do you want? ^^;"


Name: 오원빈 / Oh Wonbin [ Former member ]

DOB: 1990-Mar-26

Position in band: Soft Vocalist, Rapper, Guitarist, Harmonicist


Name: 송승현 / Song SeungHyun [New member]

DOB: 21st August 1992

Bloodtype: O

Star Sign: Leo

Position in band: Vocalist, rapper, guitarist

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(Bingeul Bingeul, Baybehh. )