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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 !@#$% 1:24 AM

5-member idol band, FT Island, will hold activities mainly in Japan and Korea this year.

After FT Island completes their 7-countries Asia tour, they will leave for Japan on 15th March and will be staying in Japan till August. They plan to have their comeback in Korea in the second half of the year.
Their management company, FnC Music, said on 3rd that, FT Island has a contract with the local (Japan) company to do album recordings and activities. They plan to release a new album in Korea after they return in August.”
Before leaving for Japan, FT Island will hold their Seoul encore concert on 21st February at Dom Art Hall, Seoul. At the end of the month, they will perform in Taiwan, 5th to 7th March in Philippines and ending their Asia tour with the final stop in Shanghai, China from 12th to 14th March

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