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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 !@#$% 4:24 AM

CNBLUE’s Minhyuk sheds tears about “fake band” accusations

CNBLUE’s success has impressed many of our readers not only because they are rookies, but because they are a band. Even though pop music seemingly dominates mainstream music in Korea, CNBLUE has managed to capture a large fanbase of rock fans and kpop listeners.

However, it doesn’t look like CNBLUE’s road to success has lacked hardships or bumps along the way. On an upcoming episode of CNBLUETORY set to air on February 24, drummer Minhyuk reportedly teared up when he began talking about his anger and frustration regarding some of the accusations that have surfaced the internet, questioning the musical capabilities of CNBLUE as an idol band. The drummer shed tears, saying,

“There are posts on the internet about how CNBLUE didn’t plug in instruments for a performance. We’ve practiced for a few years just to be able to stand in front of the public and perform for everyone … and are prepared each time, and I see posts like these and get hurt. Like singers who dance and singers in general, we band performers similarly went through a long period of practice. We’ve watched videos of live performances by famous musicians and work really hard.

There is an attitude towards band singers in our country that puts up a wall that blocks our [bands' ability to] develop and grow. Because of this, I’m hurt and want to break down that barrier. So we’ve made resolutions to work harder.”

Minhyuk wasn’t the only one that spoke up about this issue. On this episode, leader Yonghwa reportedly added,

“Even though we’ve been receiving a lot of love from fans, there are still people who say, ‘Those kids are in a fake band,’ which is very sad to hear. These words are unfair and difficult to hear. We will have to improve to be accepted as true musicians.”

It’s definitely understandable why demeaning comments can really bring down CNBLUE’s spirits. However, I think these young men should keep their heads up, because they’re well on their way to fulfilling their resolutions by showing off their talents and making their presence known. Furthermore, with the help of popular group F.T. Island and the comeback of TRAX, it seems like band-based music is making a return to the music scene.

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