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Sunday, February 21, 2010 !@#$% 2:44 AM

Lee Hongki sings I’m a Loner like an A.N.JELL

In a special guest appearance at a radio show, Lee Hongki sang a brief segment of CNBLUE’s I’m a Loner on-air.

The song is actually appropriate for Lee Hongki and Jung Yong Hwa as they were both the supporting actors of the popular SBS drama You’re Beautiful, playing the role of chasing after Go Mi Nam (played by Park Shin Hye), but failing to win her heart at the end.
With Lee Hongki’s extraordinary vocal abilities, it was nothing out of the ordinary that he delivered a commendable rendition of CNBLUE’s debut song. Although he struggled a bit with the rapping, his attempt was cute enough to be forgiven easily. Shinwoo hyung would be proud regardless.

The public has made friendly comparisons between Lee Hongki and Jung Yong Hwa in the past because of their talents as an actor and a singer of an indie rock band. CNBLUE was even dubbed the next F.T. Island by many as both groups strum guitars and bang drums on stage belong to a similar genre of music. With time, however, CNBLUE was able to make a name for themselves with their hit track, I’m a Loner, that has continued to remain the listeners’ favorite.

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