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Tuesday, March 23, 2010 !@#$% 2:32 AM

MBLAQ’s Thunder is next on MNET Scandal

Just like M! Countdown which disappeared from our screens last year without a word and got resurrected last month, MNET has bought back the controversial program, MNET Scandal which fangirls especially have a love-hate relationship (for various reasons) with it for the second season.

And if you didn’t know, MNET Scandal pairs up a celebrity and a lucky girl (or guys for female celebrities) where they will act like a real dating couple.

The first guest shown last week was actor, Choi Phillip which no one seemed to care about. But the upcoming guest is sure to rile some feathers.

He is none other than MBLAQ’s Thunder who will be the first idol star on this season and joins an illustrious list of idol group members who have been on the show last season. From the pictures below, we can concur that they went to an amusement park and there was no shortage of skinship between them.

More Pictures here!

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